For over 20 years I have created distinctive and highly acclaimed work in watercolor, oil, and drawing.  A great deal of my artistic inspiration was due in part to growing up next to a library and university that supplied constant visual stimuli and a desire to imitate other artists.  From grade school to the present, I have taken every opportunity to further develop my skills to portray work that has depth and exemplifies the essence of spiritual bonding between artist and subject.


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of New Mexico, 1991
  • Oriental Brush Painting from Japanese Master Ou Mie Shu and Toshio Kawai and from one of China’s Four Young Kings,
    Ching Shyu, 1974-1983
  • Classical Watercolor and Oil Painting from European Master Siegfried Hahn and American Master Howard Wexler, 1976-1980
  • American Master Howard Wexler, 1976-1980
  • Classical English Watercolor from British Master
    Anne Arkell, 1993